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Download APPENDIX O: The Impact of Animal Visitation in an In-Class Humane Education Program / Kate Nicoll, MSW, LCSW and William Samuels, Ph.D. (1.4 MB)

Download APPENDIX P: Challenges in Researching Animal Assisted Activities: Is the Tail Wagging the Dog? / Steven Klee, Ph.D., and Jay Davidowitz, Ph.D. (1.6 MB)

Download APPENDIX Q: Bridging Clinical Practice and Research in Animal Assisted Interventions / Aubrey Fine, Ph.D. (3.7 MB)

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Workshop held December 6-7, 2007 in Baltimore, Maryland

Co-sponsored by Humane Society of the United States and Center for Prevention of Youth Violence of the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health with support from the Laura J. Niles Foundation

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Proceedings from the National Technology Assessment Workshop on Animal Assisted Programs for Youth At Risk