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The HSUS is working on several fronts to stop the exploitation of our nation's pets. In January, we were instrumental in establishing a coalition to abolish pound seizure-the practice of relinquishing pound and shelter animals for research purposes. Consisting of 11 of the country's leading animal welfare organizations, The National Coalition to Protect Our Pets will be working with local groups to outlaw pound seizure on a state-by-state basis. HSUS investigators will continue to trace the road to research, and we'll be taking legal action against both dealers and research centers whenever necessary. In our effort tore- r duce the incidence of pet theft, The HSUS is offering a reward of $1,000 for information supplied to any humane society leading to the arrest and conviction of any animal dealer who knowingly buys stolen dogs and cats.

Can the animals pictured in these pages really be suitable models for supposedly crucial research? Scientists themselves are beginning to question the validity of findings obtained from such dogs and cats. Only by obstructing the avenues to the laboratory, however, will we force the research community to fmd alternatives to the helpless victims of the animal slave trade!