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As the world watched the black tide of crude oil from the Amoco Cadiz devastate bird life along the French coast, HSUS staffer Guy Hodge was reporting to Congress about efforts to save oil-soaked birds in a recent Chesapeake Bay oil spill. A barge (ATC- 133) carrying nearly 500,000 gallons of crude had run aground south of the Maryland-Virginia border. Some of its cargo spilled into this North American waterfowl wintering area.

Together with HSUS cruelty investigator Phil Steward, Hodge had assisted in the most successful on-site bird rescue operation in history. One out of every three rescued birds was saved. Testifying before the same committee Lynn Greenwalt, Director of the Fish and Wildlife Service said, "I think the release or survival rate of 32% is extraordinary in this set of circumstances.''