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Through our action packet, which includes a fact sheet describing how veal calves are raised in this country, an action sheet showing what you can do to help, and bright yellow cards to leave when you dine out explaining why you didn't choose veal, you can help get the word out.

It is clear that our efforts to reform milk-fed veal production methods in the U.S. are already producing results. Shortly after our New York Times ad appeared, a large farm group paid to have its own ad published in response. Agricultural trade papers have warned their readers against our campaign. And Provimi, Inc., one of the nation's largest veal producers, has called on the farm community to boycott The HSUS and has pledged some $200,000 to fight us and our expert, Dr. Michael Fox. Yet the U.S. Department of Agriculture has recently announced grants of more than a quarter million dollars to study the effects of stress in farm animals. And, on Capitol Hill, a bill has been introduced to establish a special study commission to look into the problem. The campaign is working.