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Fall 1970


  • Bridgeport Shelter a $130,000 fact!
  • Humane transport of animals by air
  • Flash!
  • Nationwide, millions of animals will not suffer because of the combine efforts of HSUS, HSUS(CB) and REA
  • HSUS(CB) Humane Education Center
  • Who says trapping is fun?
  • Shooting down a turkey shoot
  • Kelley does her bit and then some
  • Cooperation with HSUS National
  • Advertising HSUS(CB) pet tags
  • Poster campaign against pet abandonment
  • Great idea
  • Finding and feeding
  • Sale of baby raccoons to commuters prompts this item
  • Plight of surplus animals
  • In Memoriam [Sybil Copp]
  • HSUS(CB) delegates at National Conference
  • HSUS(CB) Lost Dog Reward notices
  • New pound desperate need in Old Lyme
  • All by themselves
  • Would you believe it?
  • Snowmobiles can be hell on skis for wild life
  • Magazine writer for Popular Dogs joins HSUS(CB) Advisory Board
  • Going abroad?
  • Speaking of travel
  • Our benefit at Goodspeed Opera House
  • Pet shops
  • Soup's on!
  • Direct animal welfare service by HSUS(CB)
  • HSUS National President speaks at membership meeting
  • Dues change voted at membership meeting