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  • New regional committee formed
  • Rogers-Javits Lab Bill
  • San Miguel Island seals
  • Tulare Sheriff raids dog fight
  • Summer pet care reminders
  • Proof that it can be done!
  • Caution to humane officers
  • Tule Elk are on death row
  • Boy Scout publication criticized
  • Charitable research humane?
  • Plan ahead for emergency animal rescue work
  • Moratorium on killing of gray whales
  • San Bernardino group studies animal welfare needs
  • Staff active in field
  • HSUS - CB State Conference set for Santa Barbara
  • Free Free Free
  • A. Z. O. trial in Berkeley
  • No more animal cruelty in movies???
  • Dogfights are all in the act
  • New inspector named for Hollywood office
  • Pomona Valley humane education in action
  • Youth notes
  • Reno club promoting bloodless bullfights
  • Conservation shouldn't depend on "sportsman" financing
  • Protests bring text revision
  • Pet-napping film sent to forty-two TV stations
  • Marin Center attracts many groups