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The biochemical methane potential (BMP) of different Estonian substrates as alternative sources for biogas production was studied. For this purpose, the BMP test was carried out in batch mode at mesophilic temperature (36°C). Substrates were divided into 2 groups: agricultural substrates (silage, hay, cattle and pig slurry) and food industry residues (milk, brewery and cereal industry residues). Methane yields obtained were between 286–319 L kgVS-1 for silage and hay, 238–317 L kgVS-1 for animal slurry and 272–714 L kgVS-1 for agro-industrial wastes. The highest methane yield was obtained from sour cream (714 L kgVS-1), the lowest (238 L kgVS-1) from cattle slurry. In overall, our results suggest that all tested substrates can be treated anaerobically and are potential sources for the production of methane.