Submissions from 2014


Biochemical analysis of blood of native cattle in the hilly area of Bangladesh, M. A. Mamun, M. M. Hassan, A. H. Shaikat, S.K.M.A. Islam, M. A. Hoque, M. Uddin, and M. B. Hossain

Submissions from 2012


Haemato biochemical alterations in goats infected with coccidiosis, J. Anumol, P. V. Tresamol, K. Vinodkumar, and M. R. Saseendranath


Isotopic Niche Differentiation Among Mammals from a Rainforest in Peninsular Malaysia, Kae Kawanishi, Song Horng Neo Liang, Chris T. Darimont, Thomas E. Reimchen, and Melvin E. Sunquist

Submissions from 2006


Differential Effects of Sodium and Magnesium Sulfate on Water Consumption by Beef Cattle, A. S. Grout, D. M. Veira, D. M. Weary, M. A. G. von Keyserlingk, and D. Fraser

Submissions from 1998


Biochemical identification and biological origin of key odor components in livestock waste, Roderick I. Mackie, Peter G. Stroot, and Vincent H. Varel