Submissions from 2020


Sea wrack delivery and accumulation on islands: factors that mediate marine nutrient permeability, Sara B. Wickham, Nancy Shackelford, Chris T. Darimont, Wiebe Nijland, Luba Y. Reshitnyk, John D. Reynolds, and Brian M. Starzomski

Submissions from 2013


Identification of the Rainbowfish in Lake Eacham Using DNA Sequencing, Culum Brown, Yagiz Aksoy, Hilal Varinli, and Michael Gillings

Submissions from 2008


Ghost Runs: Management and Status Assessment of Pacific Salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.) Returning to British Columbia's Central and North coasts, M. H. H. Price, C. T. Darimont, N. F. Temple, and S. M. MacDuffee

Submissions from 2001


Interactions Between Shoal Size and Conformity in Guppy Social Foraging, Rachel L. Day, Tom MacDonald, Culum Brown, Kevin N. Laland, and Simon M. Reader