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Humane Society International (HSI) conducted two dog population surveys in all 4 Zones of Jamnagar (human population of 609,613). One was a street dog survey and the other was a survey of the private (pet) dog population. The survey generated an estimated street dog population of 25,768 dogs (42.3 street dogs per 1,000 people; 24.4 street dogs per km). Results from the household survey generated an estimate of the private dog population of 5,472 dogs (9 pet dogs per 1,000 people). Sterilization rates among private dogs and among street dogs were very low. Zones 2 (14.9%) and 4 (14.5%) in Jamnagar had the lowest proportion of sterilized females. Zones 1 (21.8%) and 3 (18.8%) had slightly higher proportions of sterilized females but still not high enough to have an impact on the population growth. The majority of private dogs (75%) had received a rabies vaccination in the last 12 months. About 6% (0.06 bites per household) of households reported that someone in the household had experienced a dog bite in the last 12 months.