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In 2016, Humane Society International India signed a Dog Population Management MoU with three Municipal Corporations in Uttarakhand (Dehradun, Nainital and Mussoorie). As part of the MoUs three individual dog population surveys were conducted in three cities in October 2016 to estimate the dog population and to establish a baseline against which progress can be measured.

In Mussoorie, due to infrastructure challenges the sterilization program was delayed until 2018 and the team started the sterilization program in September/October 2018. Due to the delay there are no effects of the program measurable yet. However, surveys continued and we have observed an increase in the dog density over the last two years in Mussoorie Town. The dog density increased by 26.8 % in the October 2018 index survey compared to the October 2016 survey results. This shows that without interventions the dog population in Mussoorie would not decrease and may increase.