Miguel Segundo-Ortin and Paco Calvo, Plant sentience? Between romanticism and denial: Science


In our target article (Segundo-Ortin & Calvo 2023), we proposed the intriguing possibility of plant sentience, drawing parallels with non-human animal studies. This response aims to sift through the rich thicket of perspectives offered by our commentators. To do so, we assess the risks of employing double standards, as well as the tendencies of anthropomorphizing and zoomorphizing in plant studies. We also emphasize the need for clarity in linguistic and conceptual terms, examine the neurophysiological evidence for plant sentience, and discuss the ethical implications of such recognition.

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Author Biography

Paco Calvo is Professor of Philosophy of Science and PI of the Minimal Intelligence Laboratory at the University of Murcia (Spain). He does research on (the philosophy of) plant neurobiology, ecological psychology and embodied cognitive science. His book, Planta Sapiens, co-authored with Natalie Lawrence, is out now with Little, Brown & Co. (UK) and with W.W. Norton (US). Website

Miguel Segundo-Ortin is post-doctoral fellow at the Departamento de Filosofía, Universidad de Murcia (Spain). He is also a member of the Minimal Intelligence Laboratory at the University of Murcia. He does research in the philosophy of the cognitive sciences, with a particular emphasis on embodied cognition, comparative cognition, and human agency. Website