Miguel Segundo-Ortin and Paco Calvo, Plant sentience? Between romanticism and denial: Science


Segundo-Ortin & Calvo provide a comprehensive overview of the many aspects of plant behavior examined to date. In our view, multiple lines of evidence make it difficult to deny plant sentience. We add further evidence to support the conclusion that plants are sentient organisms. As in animals, the behavior of plants can be seen and studied as an evolutionary trait, subject to and a consequence of increasing complexity in the interactions of plants with their environment. Our example is the evolution of floral behavior in Loasaceae, where complex patterns of stamen movement have co-evolved in interaction with specialized pollinators.

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Tilo Henning, botanist, Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research studies the systematics and taxonomy of the Neotropical Loasaceae, with its intriguing flower ecology and complex plant-pollinator interaction. Website

Moritz Mittelbach, ecologist, Berlin Senate Department for the Environment, studies the interaction of plants, fungi and insects. Website