Miguel Segundo-Ortin and Paco Calvo, Plant sentience? Between romanticism and denial: Science


Sentience refers to the ability of an organism to have subjective experiences such as sensations, emotions and awareness. Whereas some animals, including humans, are widely recognized as sentient, the question of whether plants are sentient is still debated among scientists, philosophers, and ethicists. Over the past 20 years, many scientists such as Trewavas, Baluška, Mancuso, Gagliano, and Calvo have reported interesting discussions about memory, behavior, communication, and intelligence in plants. However, the reported conclusions have not convinced the entire scientific community. In this commentary, I would like to focus on two critical aspects related to sentience: cognition and emotion

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Andrea Mastinu is pharmaceutical botanist at the University of Brescia. The main topic of his research is the phytochemical characterization of secondary metabolites from plants. In particular, he studies ecological, abiotic and biotic strategies to increase the production of secondary plant metabolites. Website