Volume 8 (2023)

Segundo-Ortin, Miguel and Calvo, Paco (2023) Plant sentience? Between romanticism and denial: Science. Animal Sentience 33(1)

Harnad, Stevan (2023) Insentient “cognition”?. Animal Sentience 33(2)

Struik, Paul C (2023) Plants detect and adapt, but do not feel. Animal Sentience 33(3)

Gutfreund, Yoram (2023) Questions about sentience are not scientific but cultural. Animal Sentience 33(4)

Milburn, Josh (2023) Plant sentience and the case for ethical veganism. Animal Sentience 33(5)

Pessoa, Luiz (2023) What can plant science learn from animal nervous systems?. Animal Sentience 33(6)

Robinson, David G; Blatt, Michael R; Draguhn, Andreas; Taiz, Lincoln; and Mallatt, Jon (2023) Plants lack the functional neurotransmitters and signaling pathways required for sentience in animals. Animal Sentience 33(7)

Yilmaz, Özlem (2023) Stress: An adaptive problem common to plant and animal science. Animal Sentience 33(8)

Booth, David A (2023) Sentience: back to the science from the words. Animal Sentience 33(9)

Dung, Leonard (2023) From animal to plant sentience: Is there credible evidence?. Animal Sentience 33(10)

Brooks Pribac, Teya (2023) Language matters. Animal Sentience 33(11)

Carls-Diamante, Sidney (2023) Plant sentience: Bias and promise. Animal Sentience 33(12)

ten Cate, Carel (2023) Plant sentience: A hypothesis based on shaky premises. Animal Sentience 33(13)

Mastinu, Andrea (2023) Plant sentience: "feeling" or biological automatism?. Animal Sentience 33(14)

Mallatt, Jon; Robinson, David G; Blatt, Michael R; Draguhn, Andreas; and Taiz, Lincoln (2023) Plant sentience: The burden of proof. Animal Sentience 33(15)

Damasio, Antonio and Damasio, Hanna (2023) Sensing is a far cry from sentience. Animal Sentience 33(16)

Vallverdú, Jordi (2023) What if plants compute?. Animal Sentience 33(17)

Solé, Ricard V. (2023) Do plants have the cognitive complexity for sentience?. Animal Sentience 33(18)

Bennett, Tom (2023) Cognition is not evidence of sentience. Animal Sentience 33(19)

Birch, Jonathan (2023) Disentangling sentience from developmental plasticity. Animal Sentience 33(20)

Henning, Tilo and Mittelbach, Moritz (2023) Complex floral behavior of an angiosperm family. Animal Sentience 33(21)

Plebe, Alessio (2023) Plant sentience: Time scale matters. Animal Sentience 33(22)

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Ivanchei, Ivan; Coucke, Nicolas; and Cleeremans, Axel (2023) Dissociation between conscious and unconscious processes as a criterion for sentience. Animal Sentience 33(25)

Broom, Donald M (2023) Limits to sentience. Animal Sentience 33(26)

Correia-Caeiro, Catia and Liebal, Katja (2023) Animal communication and sentience. Animal Sentience 33(27)

Burgos, José E and Castañeda, Giselle M. (2023) Crazier hypotheses: Panpsychism. Animal Sentience 33(28)

Tiffin, Helen (2023) Plant sentience: Not now, maybe later?. Animal Sentience 33(29)

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Calvo, Paco and Segundo-Ortin, Miguel (2023) Plant sentience revisited: Sifting through the thicket of perspectives. Animal Sentience 33(32)