Irina Mikhalevich and Russell Powell, Minds without spines: Evolutionarily inclusive animal ethics


Mikhalevich & Powell (2020) have built on the discussion about which species deserve inclusion in animal ethics and welfare considerations. Here, we raise questions concerning the assessment criteria. We ask how to assess different species for their ability to fulfill the criteria, which criteria are most important, how we quantify them (absolute or on a continuum), and how non-animals such as fungi and plants fit into this paradigm.

Author Biography

Scarlett Howard is a postdoctoral research fellow at Deakin University. Her research explores conceptual learning, neurobiology, and visual perception in honeybees as well as insect diversity, pollinator preferences, plant-pollinator interactions, and anthropogenic impacts on bees. Website

Matthew Symonds is an Associate Professor in Evolutionary Ecology at Deakin University. His research focuses on the evolution of diversity in behaviour, morphology, physiology and chemistry across species with particular focus on insect and avian systems. Website