Liv Baker and Rebecca Winkler, Asian elephant rescue, rehabilitation and rewilding


Baker & Winkler (B&W) propose rewilding Asian elephants in a model in which they are rescued, rehabilitated and then given work with their mahouts in ecological restoration and ecotourism. In a sympathetic critique, we explore the status that B&W’s analysis accords to work. Types of work and working conditions need to be differentiated. We caution against a model of conservation that would make the future of life conditional on participating in the workforce.

Author Biography

Jamie Lorimer, Associate Professor, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford, explores the histories, politics and cultures of wildlife conservation. Past projects have ranged across scales and organisms – from elephants to hookworms. He is the author of Wildlife in the Anthropocene: Conservation after Nature (University of Minnesota, 2015). Website

Khatijah Rahmat is a doctoral candidate at the School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford, with an interest in animal studies and the environmental humanities.