Jennifer Mather, What is in an octopus's mind?


If the anatomy, physiology and behaviour of a species differ substantially from our own, can we infer that the species is unconscious? In the daily clinical care of patients with disorders of consciousness we face many similar challenges: our current approach with these patients - a combination of behavioural and brain imaging-based assessments - might also be a viable route to investigating octopus consciousness.

Author Biography

Benedetta Cecconi, doctoral student at the Coma Science Group (GIGA-CONSCIOUSNESS), works on (dis)connected consciousness, combining the perspectives of cognitive neuroscience and philosophy. Website

Jitka Annen, neurobiologist at the Coma Science Group (GIGA-CONSCIOUSNESS) studies the relationship between brain structure and function at various spatiotemporal scales in a range of topics including consciousness, (dis)connectedness, cosmonauts in zero gravity, and cognition. Website

Steven Laureys, Clinical Professor (ULg) and Research Director at the Belgian National Fund of Scientific Research (FNRS), leads the Coma Science Group at the GIGA (ULg) and Department of Neurology, Sart Tilman Liège University Hospital. His main research interest is neurology of consciousness in patients with disorders of consciousness (DOC). Website