Colin A. Chapman and Michael A. Huffman, Why do we want to think humans are different?


Further commentaries on our original target article add important new points and expand our understanding of the differences between animals, particularly between non-human and human primates. But whether they affirm or deny that humans are unique, all commentators agree that our special abilities mean we should be taking responsibility for the care of nature and the plants and animals it supports. We ask: is humankind doing this?

Author Biography

Colin A. Chapman’s research focuses on how the environment influences animal abundance and social organization. Given their plight, he has applied his research to conservation. He has conducted research in Kibale National Park in Uganda for 30 years, contributed to the park’s development and protection, and has devoted great effort to promoting conservation by helping the rural communities. Website

Michael A. Huffman, a tenured faculty member at the Primate Research Institute of Kyoto University, Japan, has published on over 15 primates and other mammals in Japan, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam, China, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Uganda, Guinea, South Africa, and Brazil. Website