Colin A. Chapman and Michael A. Huffman, Why do we want to think humans are different?


Humans are obviously superior, in general, to other animals. This is also supported by evolution and Jerison’s encephalization quotient. However, superiority does not justify cruelty towards other animals. Rather, it suggests higher responsibility. Just as adults are more capable than 2-year-olds, they also have a much higher responsibility in helping others in need, including other animals.

Author Biography

Yew-Kwang Ng, Professor of Economics, Nanyang Technological University, will join Fudan University, Shanghai, in mid-2019. Fellow, Australian Academy of Social Sciences and Distinguished Fellow, Economic Society of Australia, his recent books include: Common Mistakes in Economics by the Public, Students, Economists and Nobel Laureates (open access), and Markets and Morals (Cambridge University Press 2019). Website