Commentary Type

Invited Commentary


Peter Cook, Ashley Prichard, Mark Spivak, and Gregory S. Berns, Jealousy in dogs? Evidence from brain imaging


Using fMRI to study emotions in animals is important, fascinating, and fraught with methodological and conceptual problems. Cook et al. are doing it, and there is no question that they and others will be doing it better and better as time goes on. Where will this lead us? What could fMRI in principle tell us about the minds of nonhuman animals?

Author Biography

Ralph Adolphs is a social neuroscientist who studies emotions in humans. Bren Professor of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Biology at California Institute of Technology; and Allen V. C. Davis and Lenabelle Davis Leadership Chair and Director, Caltech Brain Imaging Center, Adolphs is the co-author of the new book, The neuroscience of emotion: A new synthesis, Princeton University Press, 2018. Website