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Invited Commentary


Lynne U. Sneddon, Javier Lopez-Luna, David C.C. Wolfenden, Matthew C. Leach, Ana M. Valentim, Peter J. Steenbergen, Nabila Bardine, Amanda D. Currie, Donald M. Broom, and Culum Brown, Fish sentience denial: Muddying the waters


Whereas we have denied the experience of pain to animals, including human babies, the evidence is becoming clearer that animals across a variety of species have the capacity to feel pain (Bellieni, 2012). As converging findings are collected from pain studies and the study of cognition, it is becoming harder to deny that fish are among the species that do feel pain.

Author Biography

Julia E. Meyers-Manor is Assistant Professor of Psychology at Ripon College. She studies animal cognition and behavior, including empathy and self-control, in a variety of animal models. www.ripon.edu/faculty/julia-meyers-manor/