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Modern science now approaches divergent processes in many areas, including health assessments of marine eco-systems and social aspects of marine species. Scientific data have long enjoyed a reputation for objectivity but incidents of science-for-hire, data spinning/skewing and political jading are more frequent than ever. In the field of reef creature sensitivity, technical treatises can “logically” explain away what a person of average education can clearly observe on any given reef. Western medicine discounted anecdotal evidence of any cure outside the 4% margin of error until those cures demanded attention and in some cases application. Modern science must now enter an age of practical truth, with data presented, interpreted and peer-reviewed in a common-sense context without regard for political or commercial expediency. A wealth of empirical content combined with credible observations and even a dose of empathy for social order in gill-breathing species makes Balcombe’s new book a welcome contribution.

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Robert Wintner is Executive Director of The Snorkel Bob Foundation, dedicated to defense of reef habitat and species around the world.