Ng’s (2016) target article built on his earlier work advocating a science of welfare biology (Ng 1995). Although there were problems with the models proposed in Ng’s original paper regarding the balance of pleasure and suffering for wild animals, his call for a science of wild animal welfare was a sound one. This does not require a new discipline but just an extension of the existing frameworks and methods of animal welfare science to include wild animals.

Author Biography

Walter Veit is a PhD candidate in the School of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Sydney. His dissertation tries to advance the science of consciousness to its post-Darwinian phase by putting the origins, function, and phylogenetic spread of animal consciousness at the center of our investigation. Website

Heather Browning is a former zookeeper and animal welfare officer turned philosopher. Now postdoctoral Research Officer in animal sentience and welfare at the London School of Economics working on conceptual and methodological issues in the measurement of consciousness and animal welfare. Website