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Invited Commentary


Donald Broom’s Sentience and Animal Welfare (2014) is an intellectually and morally engaging book written with radical new concepts in mind. It deals with many issues that are central to the animal welfare debate such as brain complexity, cognitive ability, when in life sentience begins, and how it all affects the way we endorse welfare. It addresses how our insatiable quest to define the uniqueness of our own species has led us to ignore logic and scientific evidence. It also brings greater clarity to these precarious positions and outlines pragmatic approaches to tackling this complex topic of sentience and welfare.

Author Biography

Charu Chandrasekera cmscientialsc@gmail.com conducted cardiovascular and diabetes research using conventional methods for 15+ years. After seeing the species barrier that renders non-human animals ineffective as “models” for human disease, she now promotes human-centered research and serves as the director of laboratory science for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.