In this commentary, I have focused on King’s chapter “Do monkeys mourn?” and discussed the complexity that this question unearths. Attempting to answer this question, King has scoured the literature and talked to many primatologists to try to unravel the complex reactions seen in monkeys. From ignorance to denial, and everything in between, monkeys appear to react to death in countless ways. This commentary discusses some of the key cases for and against monkey grief, and concludes by noting the dearth of conclusive literature on one of the most studied groups of animals.

Author Biography

Helen Proctor helenproctor@worldanimalprotection.org is the Sentience Manager for World Animal Protection. She is an expert in the science of animal sentience and is completing her PhD with a focus on positive emotions. Recent researches potential measures of emotions in dairy cows, analysing both behavioural and physiological indicators. www.worldanimalprotection.org