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Although definitely I am not an educator, I believe that I still may be able to report usefully this afternoon some of what is being done in the field of humane education by some of our best local humane societies.

In the years that I have worked in and for The HSUS I have visited several hundred local humane societies-big and little, good and not so good, new and old, rich and poor, in all parts of the country. I have spent many days on analysis of the philosophy, policies, equipment, programs and personnel of those societies.

When I visit a local society I look .first, as you might expect, at any animal shelter that it operates. But in a great many situations I give the most attention to the society's educational activities-or lack of them. From analysis of a humane society's attitude toward problems of education I can learn more about that society's level of intellectual maturity and moral philosophy than from study of any other facet of the society's operations.


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