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Keeping livestock healthy is primarily the responsibility of owners. Indeed, if they did not do so they would certainly not make a profit. Advice on the prevention, treatment and possible cure of disease is the responsibility of the veterinary surgeon. Prevention of physical damage to animals and their adoption of abnormal behavior caused by confinement which prevents them from exercising their inherited behavioral patterns is the joint responsibility of the ethologist, the technologist who designs the confinement system and ancillary equipment, the livestock husbandry specialist, the veterinary surgeon and the owner. If society also decides that there is a need for enforcement of measures to make such responsibilities compulsory, then it is for governments to make the political decision to do so and to enact legislation on animal protection.


The following is excerpted from a paper presented by Mr. Moss, Regional Veterinary Officer in the British Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, at the British Veterinary Association Annual Congress, September 9-14, 1979, Aberdeen, Scotland.