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Perhaps I should say right at the beginning that I can find just as many sad, discouraging, and frustrating things as the next man in the daily routines of humane work but about the humane cause and the humane movement I am an incorrigible optimist. There are problems, but we have a record of solving and surmounting problems. There is cruelty and there is suffering, demanding of us unremitting work, but I do solemnly believe that we are steadily, exhilaratingly making progress.

I think, in fact, that the first great premise of this meeting, a conviction implicit in the fact that we are here, is that cruelty can be substantially prevented, kindness can be usefully taught or encouraged, and suffering significantly decreased. We start our deliberations today, as we always do in these meetings, with a reiteration of that faith and a determination to make reality of those possibilities.


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