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This afternoon we are considering the problems involved in the transportation of animals. Undoubtedly we have all had people problems as we travel by car, train and by air, and with the increase of travel things seem to be growing worse instead of better. I commuted from my home in New Jersey to Philadelphia for 18 1/2 years - a round trip of five hours - so I know plenty of things that can happen in transportation and commutation.

So it is with animals. An increasing number of animals are being shipped - shipped as pets, shipped as meat animals, for zoos, for laboratory work. There are so many ramifications to the transportation of animals that first let me tell you how I became interested in this subject. About 18 or 19 years ago I was shocked to learn of the bruality involved in shipping meat animals when I saw two pictures. One was of a man laughing and twisting the tail of an injured cow that had fallen from a truck. When he twisted the tail hard enough, the cow tried to get to, her feet. The other picture was of a newborn calf. An electric prod was being used to get it on its feet and in a truck. I wrote for the pictures and published them in Popular Dogs. The reaction from readers of the magazine was immediate. People were angered and wanted to help.


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