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In 2000, international animal protection organizations were spending around $110 million annually on global animal protection, with perhaps 10-20% of that total going to dog projects. By 2020, these groups were spending around $400 million globally on animal protection, with approximately $50 million spent on dog projects. These funds do not include the expenditures by local or national animal groups worldwide. For example, NGOs and municipalities spend approximately $5 billion a year on animal protection in the USA, with perhaps $3 billion focused on dog welfare. In India, around 2,000 local organizations collectively will spend more (probably a lot more) than $10 million annually on dog projects. In the Far East, the number of animal groups in China, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, and the Philippines has increased substantially in the past twenty years. Municipalities and states (e.g., Uttarakhand and Sikkim in India) also have devoted funds to humane dog management. While nobody knows how much is spent on dog well-being and sterilization worldwide, dog protection has accelerated substantially this century.