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Winter 1978


  • How humane is your society? (Charles F. Herrmann and Phyllis Wright)
  • R.J. Chenoweth dies--HSUS founder, Chairman Emeritus
  • The Ohio story: a million votes against the steel jaw trap--a beginning (Margaret Morrison)
  • First municipal shelter accredited
  • The cage bird trade (Greta Nilsson)
  • Huron Valley Humane Society accredited
  • Wanted: more help for non-game
  • 1977 Annual Conference: a photo review
  • Mel L. Morse -- Special Krutch Medal recipient
  • Roger A. Caras -- Joseph Wood Krutch medalist
  • Pain and profit: the story of the steel jaw trap (Senator Harrison A. Williams, Jr., New Jersey)
  • A Special Awareness Report: Suffering--the hidden cost of factory farming (Dr. Michael Fox)
  • HSUS opposes reintroduction of 1080
  • Tuna porpoise update
  • Bald Eagle killers convicted
  • HSUS expands regional office program
  • Humane education going strong in Gulf States region
  • Race horses suffer in the Bahamas--HSUS investigates
  • Rabies and the steel jaw trap: an emotional non sequitur (Carol Moulton)
  • Trapping
  • Humane slaughter
  • African elephants
  • Correction
  • Michigan
  • Georgia
  • Resolutions 1977
  • President's Perspective: The quality of humaneness (John A. Hoyt)