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Winter 1976


  • Baltimore pound gets cleaned up
  • HSUS's Phil Steward conducts probe aids continuing program
  • Opinion: Are we saving the whales? (Patricia Forkan)
  • A new moral imperative (Oliver M. Evans)
  • A new era for animals begins: a pictorial view of the 22nd HSUS Annual Conference
  • Disaster relief for animals nearly a reality
  • Washington, D.C. restauranteur takes tuna off the menu: receives HSUS award
  • Profile: Sue Pressman means business!
  • Army begins war on ground squirrels
  • HSUS staffers address International Humane Trapping Conference
  • Society completing trapping study
  • Close Up Report: puppy mills - an American disgrace
  • Famous Chincoteague pony roundup improves due to HSUS efforts
  • Questions from KIND: are your young people getting the humane message?
  • Bloodless bullfight stopped
  • Whale Study bill approved
  • Sen. Williams moves to ban horse export for slaughter
  • No import of seal skins this year
  • HSUS suit halts cruel BLM roundup of wild horses
  • Florida county moves against greyhound training practices
  • New Animal Welfare Amendments go into effect
  • Dr. Fox, ISAP director, testifies on Humane Commission bill
  • FCC denies HSUS rodeo petition
  • HSUS program coordinator testifies on MMPA
  • Forkan testifies on Wolf bill
  • California legislative action
  • Charitable Lobbying provision of the Tax Reform Act of 1976
  • Bad news for lab animals
  • What price suffering? (Jack Ben-Rubin)
  • NAAHE: a national focus on humane education
  • HSUS workshops set tone for nation
  • A matter of energy - Roger Caras
  • Calif. voters so "NO" to dog race betting!: HSUS aids outcome
  • How to select a kennel
  • President's Perspective: A need for dialogue (John A. Hoyt)