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Winter 1976


  • A further word on Ralston Purina and TV animals (John A. Hoyt)
  • HSUS founder, treasurer dies
  • Are we right in demanding an end to animal cruelty? (Roger Caras)
  • Scientific community examines use of animals in research
  • Annual conference speakers predict bleak future for America's animals
  • HSUS offers personalized TV spots to local groups
  • Sale of monkeys banned by HEW
  • Workshops set for Ohio, Texas, Puerto Rico
  • Pet breeding scheme protested by HSUS
  • Environmental alliance promotes Earth Week
  • Congress hears HSUS on trapping issue
  • California man named HSUS investigator
  • Humane Seizure law on trial in California
  • Hodge addresses students on wildlife management
  • Saginaw dog pound assisted by HSUS
  • Greyhound publication cites HSUS articles