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Spring 1976


  • President's Perspective: A call to personal action (John A. Hoyt)
  • Is Gary Dog Pound cruel?
  • Alaska wages war on wolves: balance of nature threatened
  • 'We felt so helpless': thousands of birds die in Chesapeake Bay oil spill
  • HSUS fights to keep turtles out of soup
  • Monitor sues to stop sealskin imports
  • WFPA--promoting animal welfare worldwide (Karl Frucht)
  • Development Officer and Program Coordinator join staff
  • Cruelties of trapping featured in new awareness kit
  • Dolphins drown in tuna nets
  • Which is it, dolphin or porpoise?
  • Action Alert program popular
  • Amanda Blake stars in "personalized" TV announcement
  • Follow-up on two Florida zoos: one good--one bad (Sue Pressman)
  • Hints for helping orphaned wildlife (Guy R. Hodge)
  • Eiseley to speak at '76 Annual Conference
  • Computer action alert system launched
  • Dantzler testifies to save horses
  • Animal control agents hear HSUS staffers
  • HSUS policies compiled -- free copies available
  • HSUS participates in dog and cat control meeting
  • HSUS testifies on movie cruelty
  • NAAHE publishes new manual -- "Humane Education: An Overview"
  • Dog standards book available
  • Fight to the death with shark is planned by film producer