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  • Wildlife expert named to staff
  • HSUS asks federal court to stop poison program
  • HSUS backs wild horse bills
  • Commissioners enter deer preserve case
  • Rodeo effort gains momentum
  • Humane Society presses interior to halt blackbird killing plans
  • HSUS begins effort to stop TV bullfight
  • State, federal bills introduced to save California's Tule Elk
  • Bill would protect animals in transit
  • Society testifies for prohibition on aerial shooting of wildlife
  • 10,000 rabbits clubbed
  • Dog dealer convicted
  • Six farms charges in zoo ship deaths
  • Texas seminars begin 1971 education series
  • HSUS assists Nelson in Trapping bill draft
  • Washington state kills Game Preserve bill
  • Effective bill sought to end seal killing
  • McMahon says Pennsylvania dam would kill 353 wildlife species



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