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  • Rodeo cruelties hit hard in big crusade to arouse public anger
  • Senate will consider law to stop shooting animals from aircraft
  • Senator Cranston introduces new Nature Protection bill
  • Notre Dame Law School working with HSUS on extensive law project
  • HSUS wins court battle to stop public hunt in wildlife refuge
  • Passage of Animal Welfare Act is significant step forward in struggle for animal protection
  • Plan to attend annual HSUS conference this year in Rhode Island
  • Two new affiliates accepted by HSUS
  • California moves to protct animals in science education
  • Humane demands for change in format in "American Sportsman"
  • George Farnum dies; Well known A-V leader
  • "Friends of Charlie" rally to save horse sold at farm auction
  • Walking Horse bill pass by Congress
  • Indianapolis society persuades Jaycees to stop shooting pigeons
  • CBS Newscast stirs nationwide protest against game preserve
  • Pennsylvania farmer charged with cruelty
  • Regional meetings to help local societies planned during year
  • New York's Mason Act held constitutional



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