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  • Growing power of humanitarians evident as leaders plan expanded programs at HSUS annual meeting
  • Maine wildlife refuge named to honor noted writer, Rachel Carson
  • Humane representatives defeat animal seizure clause attempt
  • Delegated elect five perpetual member at HSUS annual meeting
  • Respected New England AV Society votes its support for R-J bill
  • Speakers spark great audience response at annual awards dinner
  • Canadian action will not stop seal killing
  • HSUS attacks fashion whims, fun killing in two new publications
  • Kindness Club radio announcement will blanket the country
  • HSUS asks Alabama to stop cruelty to coons
  • FBI nabs New Jersey dealer who supplies animals to research
  • National leaders are chosen as advisors on society programs
  • Indiana Federation's annual meeting meets big problems head on
  • Concept of Kindness Club dominant in New Charlotte Baker book
  • Election of society officers, directors bring some changes
  • Five humanitarians given certificates at HSUS conference
  • Maryland humanitarian recipient of nation's highest humane award
  • Public abhorrence of cruelty slows during Tydings Bill hearings
  • Campaign against rodeo cruelty intensified by California branch
  • Roger Caras will host new CBS Radio series about pets, wildlife



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