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  • Department of Interior considers cruel seal harvest a full use of resources for the public welfare
  • Bill affecting rodeos introduced in New York
  • The making of a fur coat
  • Battle lines form in New York; Slaughter bills are introduced
  • Site chosen for 1968 conference
  • Branch reports new Pet Protective and Control law before legislature
  • Study undertaken to develop holding pen for small animals
  • Kindness to animals adopted as policy in Connecticut schools
  • Hearings on funds for dealer law scheduled
  • Heart transplants on animals continued in Ohio school system
  • Law against cockfights openly flouted; HSUS demands stronger enforcement by state officials
  • Ohio affiliate gears work to state needs
  • Pound seizure threat looms in New Jersey
  • Effect of P.L. 89-544 in halting petnapping discounted; "Too many escape holes in law," HSUS says
  • Top educators visit NHEC, appraise and discuss school study
  • Networks turn Sunday into "Savage" day with cruel, brutal programs
  • Bullfight programs under attack nationwide; FCC confirms right to protest



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