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  • Congressman Rogers requests letters to President on lab bill
  • Discussions now underway to find ways of stopping cruelty in seal harvest in the Pribilof Islands
  • HSUS and local society rescue starving dogs, Maryland deal found guilty of animal cruelty
  • Endangered species, other wildlife bills now before Congress
  • Research group attacks HSUS; Dislikes exposé of lab cruelty
  • Adequate funding for P.L. 89-544 unlikely; Few societies testify
  • New books documents cruelty to animals
  • 100th anniversary for Massachusetts SPCA
  • Washington premiere of "Doctor Dolittle" film planned as big benefit for education center
  • Minnesota branch hires new executive director
  • Successful workshops held in New Jersey
  • HSUS board chairman makes good recovery
  • Case of disqualified Kentucky Derby winner spotlights cruel practices in "Sport of Kings"
  • Two states crack down on cockfighting
  • Branch elects Smith as new President at Connecticut meeting



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