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  • Rogers Lab Animal bill clears Budget Bureau; Staggers is now final step to hearings
  • 150,000,000 people hear about major animal cruelties
  • HSUS acts to protect abused mules as Poor People's March reaches the Nation's Capital.
  • Upsurge of violence shows need to affirm "Reverence for Life"
  • Pet tattoo protects only when registered with national agency
  • HSUS goes to Pribilofs to find way to stop cruel seal clubbing
  • Branch appoints new excecutive director; Plans broad program
  • Minnesota work gains state-wide support by publicity program
  • Former editor joins national HSUS board
  • HSUS affiliate opens big new animal shelter
  • HSUS affiliate rescues suffering animals from cruel kennel operation
  • Pound seizure threat killed in New Jersey
  • Branch holds second successful workshop on humane education
  • Wild mustangs in Montana face threat of extermination; BLM attitude considered arbitrary
  • Three arrested and convicted in New Jersey for cruelty to dogs consigned to research facility
  • Books for Libraries helping to publicize ordeals of animals
  • How a rodeo failed - Mrs. Horatio A. Spector
  • USLSA drafting model state law to protect many kinds of animals
  • Texas coon contests continue; Officials look the other way
  • New Jersey may outlaw release of impounded animals to research



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