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  • Action programs, humanitarian philosophy combine to produce national attack on cruelty
  • Doctor Krutch given highest humanitarian award by the HSUS
  • Unlawful release of animals to research laboratories bared in HSUS probe of Ohio dog pound
  • Directors named, officers elected at HSUS meeting
  • Four elected honorary directors at National Leadership Conference
  • HSUS bestows high memorial honor on deceased members
  • Humane societies win pet seizure battles in New York, California
  • California research suppliers arrested
  • Awards recognize wide variety of humane work
  • Court action brings agreement; Federal agency to halt mustang kill in Pryor Mountains range
  • Optimistic report of task force holds hope of stopping clubbing
  • Rogers report on lab legislation stresses need to face reality
  • USDA ruling hits N.J. dog warden who sells animals to research
  • Dierolf Farms charged with violation of Lab Animal Welfare Act
  • Humane Society action convicts cruel animal handlers at auction
  • Bloodless bullfight attempt defeated in Baltimore, Maryland
  • HSUS welcomes Texas society as affiliate
  • State award goes to former President of Minnesota branch
  • Society adopts data processing system



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