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  • Pennsylvania dog dealer faces fifth cruelty charge; "Pets in Politics" condemned by HSUS
  • Survey shows packers obeying federal slaughter law; Some abuses uncovered in handling
  • 1967 Conference
  • New Jersey, Pennsylvania humane societies united in successful mass rescue of auction animals
  • Trigger-happy hunters victimize children in two serious incidents
  • Officials cooperate in HSUS investigation of Brownsville City Pound
  • Campaign under way to end classroom cruelty
  • USDA proposes Poage-Magnuson regulations; HSUS recommends some strengthening provisions
  • Poage-Magnuson Act, new congress may affect laboratory campaign; Decisive year predicted by HSUS
  • Television code review board bans bullfighting programs
  • Precedent set in Kennedy horse case; "I just hope it helps the humane societies," says Ethel
  • HSUS branch offers dog care lectures
  • Gains mount in rodeo fight as more states introduce legislation
  • Pet fair exhibit draws big crowd
  • Pioneer police dog is buried at NHEC
  • Pound seizure forces beaten in California; Washington becomes new target in shifting struggle
  • Busy year under way in Connecticut as branch launches new programs
  • Campaigns for humane slaughter laws start early in some states
  • Significant verdict in Maryland cruelty case
  • Ex-police chief pleads guilty; Charges arose from HSUS findings
  • District of Columbia studies regulations to control pet shops
  • New dog control and licensing law introduced in New Jersey; Support building fast in state



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