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  • Opposition to drive against rodeo cruelties stiffens as Connecticut and Ohio become battlegrounds
  • Brown trial set
  • Wisconsin may act to outlaw walking horse cruelty, other abuses
  • Hylton will direct NHEC activity during crucial development period
  • State Supreme Court upholds verdict in N.J. 'Chicken Case'
  • California school text may be next step in HSUS education project
  • Ban on electric prods sought in California
  • Study of final P-M regulations shows need for strong, federal law protecting research animals
  • HSUS sued by animal dealer after raid which rescued hundreds of sick, ailing animals and birds
  • HSUS urges Canadian authorities to stop cruelty in seal hunt
  • Bill introduced in New Jersey as pound seizure war spreads rapidly
  • Humane societies fight bullfight promoters across the nation, win victories in Florida, New Mexico
  • Slaughter law passed in Indiana; Defeat predicted in other states despite vigorous state campaigns
  • Badly needed humane bills pending before Colorado legislature
  • HSUS California branch to host National Leadership Conference
  • Testimony of dog law agents helps animal supplier to win case



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