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  • Laboratory legislation drive is sweeping the country; Senator Lister Hill Introduces HEW Bill
  • Board resolution wins ballot, amends by-laws
  • U.S. House passes amended Poage Bill; strong Senate bill sought
  • Boarder of research animals denied appeal; post-operate care, condition ruled cruel
  • Arizona enacts state Humane Slaughter Law
  • HSUS acts against bloodless bullfights in several areas; Philadelphia bans spectacles
  • Illegal cruelty seen exciting, beautiful by former First Lady
  • HSUS Board reviews staff work, plans new anti-cruelty programs
  • New commemorative stamp honors humane movement
  • HSUS sued in by-laws dispute by Ohio lawyer
  • New dog registry protects pets
  • Maryland stiffens cruelty penalties
  • The real heroes
  • Live animal experiments ruled legal in N.J. schools; appeal, HSUS counter campaign planned
  • Utah State Branch raids cockfight
  • Bill introduced in Senate to stop walking horse cruelties
  • AWI official favors release of shelter animals to research
  • Ohio dog pound cruelty scored; State Senator given Fred Myers Award
  • Press comment on laboratory bills...
  • Final survey of animal highway deaths planned; volunteers still needed



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