Effect of Dosage of Cloprostenol on Induction of Farrowing and Body Temperature of Sows

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In an experiment involving 161 farrowings, cloprostenol was injected on day 112 or 113 of gestation at the recommended dosage (175 μg) or a lower dosage (125 μg). Cloprostenol treatment did not result in abnormally high body temperatures of sows at parturition. Farrowing began within 29 hours of injection in 94% and 88% of the sows treated with 175 μg and 125 μg cloprostenol respectively, as compared to 15% of saline-injected controls. The duration of farrowing and number stillborn were not affected by treatment. Sows farrowing within 19 hours of treatment tended to have a large number of piglets and a higher body temperature postpartum.