International Journal for the Study of Animal Problems



The section includes a report of a session on animal research at the 1982 annual Society for Neuroscience meeting. Speakers included philosopher Dr. Arthur Caplan, Dr. Ron Dubner on pain research on animals, and Dr. H Edinger on legal and legislative aspects of animal research. A second meeting on animal awareness organized by the Institute for the Study of Animal Problems is covered in detail. The meeting was opened by Professor Bernard Rollin, who traced the development of understanding animal perception and awareness. Dr. Michael Fox followed Rollin, who discussed ethological observations relevant to animal awareness. Psychologist Gordon Gallup (who pioneered experiments on mirror recognition by animals) spoke next on the challenge of discriminating between species that possessed true awareness and those that do not. Psychologist Dr. Gordon Burghardt and veterinary anthropologist Dr. Elizabeth Lawrence followed Gallup. The meeting concluded with comments by philosopher Dr. Robert Solomon and behaviorist Dr. Ellen Rees. The section concludes with several book announcements and reviews, including a review of a reprinting of Man and Beast by C.W. Hume, founder of the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare, and a review of Elizabeth Lawrence’s Rodeo: An Anthropologist Looks at the Wild and the Tame.