Submissions from 2019


Volunteer Studies Replacing Animal Experiments in Brain Research, Gill Langley, Graham Harding, Penny Hawkins, Anthony Jones, Carol Newman, Stephen Swithenby, David Thompson, Paul Tofts, and Vincent Walsh


The Potential of Organ on Chip Technology for Replacing Animal Testing, Malcolm Wilkinson

Submissions from 2014


Lost in translation: animal models and clinical trials in cancer treatment, Isabella W.Y. Mak, Nathan Evaniew, and Michelle Ghert


Clinical trials and late-stage drug development in Alzheimer’s disease: An appraisal from 1984 to 2014, L. S. Schneider, F. Mangialasche, S. Andreasen, H. Feldman, E. Giacobini, R. Jones, V. Mantua, P. Mecocci, L. Pani, B. Winblad, and M. Kivipelto

Submissions from 2008


Volunteer Studies in Pain Research — Opportunities and Challenges to Replace Animal Experiments: The Report and Recommendations of a Focus on Alternatives Workshop, C. K. Langley, Q. Aziz, C. Bountra, N. Gordon, P. Hawkins, A. Jones, G. Langley, T. Nurmikko, and I. Tracey