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Fall 1994


  • Killing animals to save them: "Sustainable Use of Wildlife" is a bankrupt philosophy (Paul G. Irwin)
  • Spotlight
  • Good news for wolves in Alaska, Yellowstone
  • In the name of learning: dissection, other uses, cause animal suffering (Jonathan Balcombe, Ph.D.)
  • To swim with dolphins: study contradicts programs' benign image (Naomi A. Rose, Ph.D.)
  • HSI United States: CITES comes to Florida
  • Return of the elephant trade?
  • HSI Canada: Endangered Species Alert (Michael O'Sullivan)
  • HSI Honduras: rehabilitation reaps rewards
  • HSI Mexico: Sanctuary, RMP proposals pass (Patricia Forkan)
  • HSI Costa Rica: dedication and triumph (David K. Wills)
  • A life-changing injection (Sally Fekety)
  • Supplies provide a second chance (Linda Snow)
  • The brutal end of the trail (Virginia L. Bollinger)
  • Exposing the ugly truth
  • Rescue, reunion, tragedy: the Flood of '94 (Laura Bevan)
  • Brazil in the balance (Claudia Menezes)
  • To preserve Russia's natural beauty
  • A new Earthkind in Romania
  • Lessons for Earth's sake (Judi Friedman)
  • Book Review: The Universe Story (Richard M. Clugston, Ph.D.)