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Fall 1980


  • President's Perspective: Getting acquainted (John A. Hoyt)
  • An ounce of prevention
  • Returning to Eden
  • Two societies receive accreditation
  • The dog bite: whose fault is it?
  • Zoos in transition: HSUS' efforts to improve zoos gather momentum (Julie Rovner)
  • The campaign against the Draize test -- a personal view (Andrew Rowan)
  • The threatened kangaroo (Wendy Boyd)
  • The myth and truth of owning wild & exotic pets (Heather McGriffin)
  • Two steps forward, one step back: a report on the 1980 Meeting of the International Whaling Commission (Patricia Forkan)
  • Volcano destruction hurts animals, too
  • Leghold trap ban progresses in Connecticut
  • Trapping issues big on West Coast
  • Colorado group chooses to drop decompression
  • Heat wave deadly for carriage horses
  • Ohio bans decompression chamber
  • Regulations under review
  • Budget cuts threaten enforcement
  • Hot weather help
  • Battle stations!
  • Bird poisoning program protested
  • HSUS sues U.S. over dog fights